by The Common Men

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This album is the product of an intense period of writing over the course of six months and recording of a little under two months.

This is the last recording to feature Paul on drums.


released February 11, 2014

Kevin Ian: Guitar, vocals, noise, handheld and found percussion
Josh: Bass, noise
Kevin Rollis: Guitar, keys, noise, handheld percussion
Paul Misak: Drums and found percussion

Recorded, engineered and mastered by Kevin Ian.
Cover photography by Laura L. Witzig



all rights reserved


The Common Men San Francisco, California

Now in San Francisco, Sacramento Post-Punk Vanguards The Common Men are no strangers to wild live shows and sonic experimentation.

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Track Name: 01 Some Sunrise
Some Sunrise

We have seen the sun at last
You won't regret how you have felt
Seasons when we shed our skin
Hurt falls away our passions melt

You wave to me our bodies meet
No more you said. We can't you said
Hands to my chest you push me away
This futile life you shall regret

And now we've sold our parts
A grim way to start

Give in to me give me your blood
Into your neck I sink my teeth
Flesh from bone I've made a mess
Hands over mouth it's such relief

I am the night her cries of that night
Some things you cannot explain
The touch of her skin knee deep in skin
Living our lives through this pain

The rising sun it wakes no one
Track Name: 03 I Hope You're Alone
I Hope You're Alone

And I sit by singing songs by moonlight
Yet you sleep still cause we need to keep this lie
No love lives here because you want to live alone
My heart beats still but your hate it knows no bounds

Regrets still haunt yet I've learned to wake each day
Forget this hand violence has less to say
I won't drown and if I do just drag you down
When you look up you will see no one's around

When your tears feel down like the rain that night
I won't tell you the truth because you known I don't trust you
When the years pass by it doesn't make us right
I'd never tell you the truth because you know I don't trust you

And I don't care if you end up all alone
Track Name: 04 Nihilistic Young Love
Nihilistic Young Love

And if you want to rule this world
You know the timing is right for the story of this boy and this girl
Set down right next to me you say
You know I'd dress you both up we'd live in sin all night and all day

Bonnie and Clyde they have nothing on this lust
Because we've been here before we know the journey of this floor you know we must
Yet you bring her to her knees
You put the knife to her neck "Who do you want more?" you ask me, "please"

You dress up I dress up a bender no gender just lust
You feel it I feel it we feel it they feel it oh damn this world

Still life, this world has destroyed you
Well do you even exist? So wrong how cold are you? We still do
Yet you bring her to her knees
You push the knife through her neck, laughing out loud "You see?!?! Just you and me!"
Track Name: 05 Over My Body
Over My Body

And in your name I will sit
And stop this time I am in
Now we will face and will start
Cause over my body we'll rot

She echoes these hours of
Screams echo the hour of
Track Name: 06 Shoot the Night
Shoot the Night

You're gonna hurt yourself
When you see me cry
Cause I don't believe a word you say

We're gonna shoot the night
When you fall and fail
Cause I wanna live to see that day

You forget never once I lied
Never once you tried... oh no

You're gonna wreck yourself
You're gonna suit yourself
We're gonna shoot the night
I wanna live to see that day
Track Name: 08 The Same Ground as Me
The Same Ground as Me

to find your heart
to find your wrists
to find you will

to find your truth
to find your joy
to find your mouth

The same ground as you
We fall at the speed of light
Impact my head splits open
Lifetimes to wrong this right
Track Name: 09 Lovers by Name Only
Lovers by Name Only

One plus one is two because I believe in you
You can tell the way I move hate in a push and shove
Cause two and one is three do you believe in me
I can tell the way you lie I say don't ever ask me why